Spiritual Attributes

June 20, 2011 in Essays by Mark


by Mark Snider

  • Views humanity as connected, valuable, as family
  • Shows love, compassion and empathy for others
  • Lacks negative judgment of life and others
  • Is thankful – grateful
  • Listens well, communicates with respect
  • Takes responsibility easily, tends not to blame others even if justified
  • Lack of fear of rejection, failure and even death
  • Builds others up, gives them praise, lets others have the glory and attention
  • Respects all life forms
  • Walks the walk – not hypocritical
  • Gentlemanly in attitude and action
  • Controls thought life, has a positive attitude, self awareness
  • Financial integrity and responsibility, honest in business dealings
  • Forgiving even when undeserved
  • Displays responsibility regarding his physical health, diet and exercise
  • Detachment, lets go easily, lets things just “be”
  • Open minded, tolerant, curious/interested in others
  • Uses his tools such as prayer, meditation, affirmations, Reiki, Yoga, 12 steps
  • Charity, non-violence, concerned for justice, contentment, honesty
  • Problem solver, a bridge builder, one who unites, not divides
  • Avoids negative religion, extremism, racism, caste systems, cults, gangs etc
  • Active community member, he or she is a contributer and gives back to society
  • When playing a game, sport or contest, the concern is not winning or the fear of failing, instead, the focus is learning to play well with others before the game, during the game and after the game, there is a term for this action, it is called “good sportsmanship”.
  • Non-materialistic, actions based on spiritual truth, not money & personal gain
  • Recognizes “holy books, places, symbols, rituals, crosses, crystals etc as tools or props for man, they have no supernatural power but what we give them
  • Humility – humbleness, knows little but curious of everything
  • Deals with issues of the culture with integrity and honesty without bias such as: woman’s rights, abortion, obedience to those in power such as lawgivers and enforcers, pastors etc, prostitution, slavery, suicide, euthanasia, genetic engineering, sexuality, capital punishment, racism, business ethics, war crimes, military service, free speech, gun laws etc. Does not hide from issues
  • Is thoughtful about his/her diet. Considers what to eat according to ones own benefit and that of the planet.
  • Discerning when to be open, vulnerable, transparent, authentic with others
  • Show little concern for mistakes, errors or lack of perfection in themselves or others.
  • Tends to slow down rather than “hurry up”, hurry causes stress and mistakes. Those that are mature become gracious, relaxed and at ease with others and life circumstances.
  • Seeks wisdom and joy rather than recognition, power or money
  • Demonstrates the ability to call upon a deep sense of inner peace during every moment of his or her life. Life, at times can be flooded with stress, turmoil, loss, illness and pain. Thus, this is no easy task, however it is a very worthy pursuit. One can make the pursuit easier by mastering certain goals or steps along the way. These are things such as honesty, forgiveness, kindness, listening, wisdom, charity, understanding and optimism. As these and other spiritually mature attributes are mastered and practiced, inner peace comes naturally and more easily.