Who are the traitors?

February 15, 2012 in Essays by Mark

Who is destroying America? Who are the liars and should be tried for treason? Who are the ones who pledged an oath to support “we the people” and instead shot us in the back and stole from our bank accounts, took our homes, jobs and retirement?

Our founding fathers had good intentions while writing the Declaration of Independence and Constitution however, because they could not foresee the future, nor imagine  “how to cover all their bases”  the Constitution became a “working document” that should be changed as circumstances unfolded during our nations growth. The Constitution has been changed in the past and now it must be changed again to fulfill its purpose of protecting the American people.

Let’s start with a baseline of knowledge from our humble beginnings as a nation. The Declaration of Independence is our starting place, that’s where we became a nation and our founding fathers set the moral compass and/or ethical principles of our nation. The following quote is the crux of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, it is the reason and purpose for all of our laws and principles of justice. It is why this nation exists

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and thanks to a recent liberal movement, all women and blacks) are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

Thus, our government is supposed to be organized and instituted by “the people” (the governed) to match their own ideas about their safety and happiness! It was made to be altered or “amended”, this is one of our most basic “rights”. From the beginning our founding fathers recognized that any government should be created and established as a protection and benefit for the “people”(all men) and not some other entity such as a corporation, the military, the king or the government itself. It is the people or the citizens who should decide who should represent them and what laws should be made, not the government itself (our politicians), not legal entities such as corporations, organizations, lobbyists (hired guns) or “super-pacs”.

According to our Declaration of Independence, we as the people, do not exist to serve the government or the wealthy; instead, the government, in theory, exists to serve and protect the people. However, we all know that this is not the case in America today. What we have, as far as our federal government, is “Robin Hood” in reverse, merry rich men taking from the poor. Our government, if it were compared to the Bible, would be referred to as the Satanic Bible, for it is diametrically opposed to everything Christ taught and exemplified.

It is highly unfortunate that we still live in a world as our founding fathers did, in a brutish reality where the rich and strong (the royal family) survive and prosper while those who they oppress or exploit go hungry, suffer without health care or retirement. We are still in a race where those who cross the finish line first win the prize of success and fortune, while those who come in at the tail end without connections or money for an education or a decent paying job are pushed to the sidelines of society. To the victor goes the spoils. The conquered are enslaved into low paying dead end  jobs while the new royal families live in luxury. “His Majesty” has a new face, but an old agenda, take everything you can get at the expense of others.

To prove this fact think of this, between 1981 and 2012 America had an “income growth” of about $12,000 per worker. The top 10 percent (the wealthy executives and board members) received 96% of that income growth. The rest of the American workers, the 96% only received 4% of the increase! When you factor in inflation, 96% of American workers lost money while the rich increased in wealth! The saying, “The rich get richer while the poor get poorer” is not just a cliche, it is a fact made true on purpose, by our government.

Corporate entities are not “we the people” or even citizens (although the law suggests otherwise), for they exist only on paper for the purpose of promoting a certain agenda (such as profits for the wealthy), a certain project or ideology. The whole reason any government should exist at all is to serve and protect it’s “people”, not advance a few in power, not a particular group or agenda, whether it be domestic, foreign or a legal entity such as a corporation. Corporations and special interest groups that exist only to profit from their interference and influence over our government was not a situation our founding fathers could have forecast. Hence our early documents could not protect us from this type of profiteering, control and influence .

We declared independence from England because it’s government was destructive and harmful to its citizens. People came in second and were slaves to the government so those in power could profit from their labors without adequate compensation or just laws to protect the people. England treated us as “subjects” to and of the government, the English government did not consist of public servants or representatives, but masters. The government was there to be supported and obeyed, not to give, serve, support, protect or benefit its own citizens.

So, “we the people” tried to change that problem. Our government is there, in theory and according to the Declaration of Independence, by the consent of the governed, to give, support and provide for its citizens “safety and happiness” and uphold the principle,all men are created equal”.

As you know, this has not been the case, all men are not equal in America thanks to our government; some have their needs met and some do not, some have a nice house and cash in the bank, others are homeless and are in debt, some have all the food, clothes and luxuries money can buy, some have difficulty staying warm during the winter. Some have healthcare and some die for the lack of it. Some have an education and many cannot afford it. Some have the protection of our legal system and some are the victims of our legal system, some have all the safety and happiness one could need in life, while others live in fear and despair.

My contention is that our government has not allowed its citizens it’s unalienable rights as described in the Declaration of Independence or the blessings of liberty as described in the Constitution. How can one pursue happiness when they are sick and has to sell all they have to cover medical bills? How can one enjoy their life or liberty when one is broke, homeless or jobless? How can one enjoy life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness when the government is the oppressor and has legalized the destruction of the rights and opportunities of its citizens?

Please keep the aforementioned principles in the Declaration of Independence in mind while we inspect another document, the Constitution and its Amendments called “The Bill of Rights”. Why were these additional documents necessary? Why were they adopted as the legal principles that should now guide our county and its legal system? It tells why in the opening paragraph.

First of all its opens with, “We the people….. do ordain and establish this Constitution…” The Constitution was not created by or for the protection of the elite, the government or those in power. Note, it did not say, “we the corporations”! The Constitution was created to, among other things, to “establish a more perfect Union…. promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity..” This means the Constitution was created to protect and help the “common man” become “equal” as the Declaration of Independence declared.

The Constitution was created because although we were free from England, we were not free from ourselves, that is, our own government and our own lust for power and money. There were those who took advantage of others, both in the public and private sector, and those statesmen who represented us knew we needed to establish a “more perfect Union” and hence more laws and principles in the form of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

So, we now have both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution telling us, the citizens of America, that the government and the above quoted laws and principles, exist and stand for the equality, security, welfare, safety, liberty and happiness of those that are governed. However, do the laws and our elected officials uphold and work to provide these principles to and for their constituents? Obviously not! And the reason is we have many “domestic enemies” taking away the rights and privileges of the citizens.

These enemies buy influence at the highest levels of Congress. They donate money to Congressmen and they in turn, change our laws to create wealth at the highest levels of society which is a detriment to the general populace. The enemies of the citizens of this country are unfortunately not enemies of the state, for the state is their benefactor and the corporate world is the offspring of the state. The state gave corporations legal protection to exist and make money for the wealthy at the expense of the people the government is supposed to serve and protect.

As a child loves its parent, so do the corporations love our politicians into which they invest millions of dollars of excess profits rather than share it with the workers they enslave. Yes, I mean enslave. Why? Because the corporations have no legal or moral guidelines in the principles of equality, justice or morality. For example, here in America the average CEO makes several hundreds of times the take home pay of an average worker. In other countries it may be 10 to 50 times. This is why the wealthy can afford to give millions to our politicians to enact laws to their own benefit. The people, are just a form of overhead and when the boss wants another corporate jet he just fires some of his employees and sends the work overseas. Is this the private sector business ethics our forefathers fought and died for?

I challenge everyone who reads this essay to take a few hours off during the weekend and do an Internet search under “government corruption” and “congressional misconduct”. Many people who have lots of money and power, have no oversight and do horrible things, including our elected officials. There is a lot of criminal activity, corruption, cover-ups, illegal  and covert activities, sexual misconduct and an abundance of “Betrayal of America” going on behind our backs. Even with all the money and power our government officials wield, many of them are treasonous, corruptible, deceitful, untrustworthy, dishonorable, perverted, narcissistic and debauched. Many of them smile to your face and then behind closed doors with the “good old boys” act no better than common criminals. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. There are many, many books on the subject. As citizens and taxpayers, we are not getting what we have paid dearly for!

In addition to corruption and misconduct, our elected officials are the most wasteful in the world. CNN reported that pork barrel and earmark spending in 2010 was $16,500,000,000.00! A film called “Museum of Government Waste” examines how our elected officials take our money and flushes in down the toilet… even a $640.00 toilet seat along with $436.00 hammers and” bridges to no where”. They really don’t need to to tax us more if they were just competent to handle what money we already pay them. Corruption, waste, misconduct and unethical practices run rampant in all branches of government. Neither you nor I could run our business or home budgets like Congress or we would be broke in no time. Thus, our national debt! But they get away with it because the people of this nation do not demand reform nor do we hold them accountable for their illegal and immoral behavior.

Spend a few minutes on the Internet and search “Government Waste” and related subjects, I guarantee it will appall you. Our government officials have abandoned their relationship with its citizens and have replaced it with a relationship with corporate executives to which they give liberally.  It would be to the so called “public servants” detriment if they backed off from this relationship because they would personally lose many millions in campaign contributions. The political leaders and big business are in bed with each other and the public is just a nuisance like a child knocking at the bedroom door. We are told to “go away, we will attend to your needs later” as the politicians and big business fulfill their lust for money and power.

All this is true, even though most of us, including politicians, have sworn an oath to do otherwise. Have you have ever said the Pledge of Allegiance? Let me remind you what you and I and all politicians have pledged. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Untied States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” You, as a citizen have a moral obligation to help support “justice for all.” Not just your political party, not just the ruling class, not just those who have jobs or are in positions of power, fame or wealth. Please take note, most of us do not have the money to buy our fair share of justice, equality, security, safety and happiness.

You also have pledged to the idea of a nation that is indivisible. If that is so, why is the gap or division between the rich and poor so large and growing daily and doing so without a thought from our government? It is so because our government and legal system has been sold to profiteers and thus divided the nation into two groups, the “haves” and the” have not’s”. This is why the middle class is disappearing. This why Americans are not spending money on boats, new cars and furniture, because the “haves” have more than they need or are morally entitled to.

If America capped the salaries of CEO’s, board members and other unnecessary officers at $500.000.00 a year and distributed those corporate earnings to the workers the nation would be far better off because those workers would be able to purchase newer cars, better equipment, more toys and other commodities that would stimulate more national growth. However, our English masters established the “trickle down” economic system for American. This system is where those in power and wealth enjoy and have access to the major part of the economy and the service of the workers. And the ones that build the country, the workers, are the same ones who get the leftovers and crumbs.

To prove this point our Congressmen get a starting salary of $174,000 per year plus a generous retirement plan and full health care. The Speaker of the House gets $223,000 and the President $481,000. The average S&P 500 executives get over $9,000,000 a year. Herein lies the traitorous situation that we gave an oath to avoid. Our government is “on the take” and wants a slice of the almighty dollar.

In Japan CEO’s make about eleven times the amount of pay the average worker gets. In France, about 15 times the average worker, in Britain about 22 times. Guess what the average CEO in America gets paid? It is 475 times the amount an average worker is paid. Is this the equality that our founding fathers fought for and the Constitution and Declaration of Independence has promised us?

Does a Fortune 500 executive contribute that much value to the American family or the country as a whole? Of course not!  Does that executive contribute that much of the freedom, justice and equality our Constitution requires? No again! That money they take away is in overseas bank accounts and other investments to make them richer. No wonder they can afford luxuries that most of us hardly can imagine.  It does not create jobs nor does it help the infrastructure or health-care welfare of this nation. Instead it buys access and influence to our politicians which in turn create laws to protect the 1%.

However, if part of that $9,000,000 salary that executives got went to training and hiring workers, would that help the American family? Yes. If part of that yearly $9,000,000 were distributed to the average worker or to society in general, would that benefit workers and society? Yes. If part of that $9,000,000 were spent on reducing the deficit, reducing unemployment and enforcing our Constitutional principles, would that contribute to our security, freedom, justice and equality? Of course it would! The real question we really need to answer is, Why have the people who we put in office do not look out for the people who they are supposed to represent and serve. The answer is simply and honest, the people who make $9,000,000.00 a year have bribed and/or forced our protectors to ignore their sworn duty and the principles of the Constitution (and many other moral indiscretions) while we paid them to do so. We need to change our laws and get back to our Constitutional principles.

But it does not happen because part of that $9,000,000 goes to politicians who gladly do what they are told and enslave the American people and destroy the American dream. So, why do we allow the top 1% of society take control over the government and take advantage of average Americans? Because the top 1% has purchased the services of politicians and now own the country. Most politicians are just whores with ties. It is obvious that greed, power and money control our government and not the needs of the people. We ask for health care and instead we get wars, we ask for privacy and every email and phone call is at the governments disposal. It has the capacity to take that information and bribe you or put you in jail. Our elected officials and our private masters must be held accountable to the American people and repent.

The only way of doing so is to change our Constitution so people making $9,000,000 a year cannot buy our freedom, our Constitutional rights and the future of ourselves and our kids.

What if  politicians where paid the same as the average American worker? And then give them a bonus or more pay if we have the following conditions: Low unemployment, low poverty rates, increasing wages, excellent education, affordable health care, laws that protect the American people from corporate racketeering and a high national deficit. If our lawmakers can debate over requiring teachers to be paid on a sliding scale depending on their performance to teach our kids, why can’t we demand our Congressmen to paid in like manner?

For example, If the unemployment rate is down, they get a little more. If the National debt is down, they get paid a little more. If the average workers salary goes up, they get a little more. If we are educating our kids correctly, they get a little more. Why not start our Congressmen out at $50,000 a year with no benefits. If Americans get health care, so do they. If Americans have some sort of retirement benefits, so do they. If the averages wages go up over the inflation rate, they get an additional $2,000 a year. If government waste goes down, their salaries go up.  If our Constitutional principles are followed and laws are passed to protect the American worker and the American public, they get an additional bonus.

When they have a financial incentive to do the right thing instead of prostituting themselves to the corporations we may finally get what our Declaration of Independence and Constitution calls for, justice, equality, the general welfare and a more perfect Union. We need a national grass roots supported referendum ending corporate control and pay our representatives what they are worth to the American public, almost nothing!

This is the definition of “justice”: “Action guided by reason, fairness, truth, equanimity, impartiality, unbiased treatment, righteousness, done according to law or ethical principles”. When you said the Pledge of Allegiance, you swore to insure or agree with the principle of “Justice for all”. Why are American citizens voting for people who do not provide “justice for all”? Why do our politicians promote justice and wealth for just a chosen few? They do it because they are part of the system that has been destroying the Constitution bit by bit. It is so because the system is the problem, it is broken. The system has been bought and sold behind the peoples backs and has been since designed to give to the rich and take from the poor.

Again, it is the story of Robin Hood in reverse. It feels like our government is in bed with the Anti-Christ. Why do corruptible politicians and unethical business elites rule and control this “Christian nation”? This does not look like anything related to Biblical principles to me? Does it to you? Why do we tolerate such” evil”?

Congress, the President and Supreme Court judges have even a higher obligation to uphold the principles and purposes of the Constitution because they are “sworn in” and they are thus morally and hopefully legally obligated to support the Constitution and it’s principles of liberty and justice for all . However they obviously neglect to do so. They are sworn, under oath to stand for and represent the needs of the citizens and do what is good and just for the people.

That is, serve the people they are supposed represent with their equality, security, general welfare, safety, liberty and happiness in mind. These ideas were written in our founding documents so our government would not serve the enemies of the people. The biggest public enemy is not China or the Taliban. It’s enemies are corporations whose sole purpose is to create wealth for its investors, board members and officers. Hence, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That is how the system is set up. It is called the “trickle down” economy. I am still waiting for my portion of wealth to trickle down to me from past administrations, how about you?

There is another way to raise a nations economy. It is from the bottom up, where those innovate and those who work and build the nation get paid and treated fairly and with justice for all. When an economy lifts and prospers those at the bottom, all boats rise with equality, and justice and promotes the general welfare of all citizens like our founding documents and fathers intended.

Here is the oath that our Congressmen swear to:”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

It is obvious that the American people have domestic enemies, but does any Congressmen support their oath to uphold the intent of the Constitution? It is my belief based on the evidence, that no congressman has ever given heed to our Constitution, for if they did, they would not have the support of the corporations and the system which lives off its profits.

This is the oath of office for our President:” I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” No president that I know has every defended my Constitutional rights of justice for all, equality and liberty.  When is the last time you heard of any president demand that Congress or the Supreme Court change laws to benefit the common man?

And here is an example of the oath of a Supreme Court judge: “I, _(judges name)__, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as ___(title, Supreme Court Justice)__ under the Constitution and laws of the United States; and that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.  So help me God.

So there you have it. Most of us, especially those in office, have sworn to uphold certain principles which include: Justice for all, equality under the law, public security, impartiality, the general welfare, public safety and also the opportunity for liberty and happiness for all citizens.

Who in his country can honestly say this is the case? All statistics and public records prove our government is absolutely against supporting the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It cannot be truthfully said that we are a free people or that we have the liberty,  justice, equality,  security and impartiality our founding fathers fought for. Why? Because  we do not have equality under the law and our Constitution is not followed and our system and our government is corrupt.

Our judicial branch swore to “do equal right to the poor” and yet in our system money buys justice. Just take a look at the OJ Simpson trial! And look at the millions of dollars corporations and the rich are legally spending on candidates that keep them in power and in a position to donate millions in campaign contributions. Equal rights to the poor is not the case in this county. The poor gets a court appointed lawyer. The rich get whole law firms. The poor have little say about the brainwashing they are fed by the media or advertising while the rich shove lies down our throat. The poor are the victims of a rich elite who create laws and public opinion contrary to majority’s good. It is very obvious that all men are not created equal in the eyes of our government, our laws or the corporate world.

So why does it seem that the supreme laws or principles of our land, these principles which we have sworn to uphold, do not exist in the political debate and ideology? We ask our court system for “justice” but instead we are impeded by policies, regulations, restrictions and lack of representation. Why does our government call our legal system , “Justice Courts” when in fact they do not serve justice, but instead enforce laws that protect the rich? We have courts of law, not justice. And the law has been bought and modified to the benefit  the wealthy or the government itself. If not, why when we go to our government and ask for representation and fairness, do we get ignored? When we need something like jobs, fair taxation, affordable health-care or sensible legislation, we get nothing. And when we do not want something, like a war in Iraq or Vietnam, bridges to nowhere and government intrusiveness into our privacy, we get it in spades?

The reason is this; corporations have bribed government officials to pass laws which help them make more money without thought to what these laws do to the people. Of course, this is only partially true since we are partially responsible for our dilemma. “We the people” elect these clowns and traitors into office… however we are forced to do so. Here is why. When corporations give money to government officials in the form of cash or “campaign contributions” the political parties buy advertising and public relation firms to convince you to vote for them.

When one is force fed lies and rhetoric for decades, most of us cannot think past it. We can only chose from clown A or clown B… unfortunately,  they are both clowns. Seldom does a true man of conscience get elected since he is controlled by his high moral standards and ethics rather than being bought by corporate money. A man or woman of good conscience and good morals and that represents the good of the people is as rare as honest attorneys. If the law profession was honest, it would not let our Constitutional rights evaporate before our eyes, but defend them.

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington told us, only a well educated people can make informed and smart decisions and thus create a good democracy. However, Americans have one of the worst school systems on earth and the government keeps its citizens uneducated, ill informed and misled. The media should be telling us the truth and enlightening the citizens to truths beneficial to the nations interests.  Instead of truth we are fed political rhetoric and lies that allow the so called “job creators” to stay in power and in control of our political system.

Real job creators are businesses who hire Americans and pay them a decent salary, they are not corporate entities who ship those jobs overseas or make huge profits at the expense of their workers.  Job creators are not money manipulators, Wall Street or board members of corporations. They are not there to make jobs, they are hired to make money at any cost. We do not get the best people in government, we get to chose from a close knit group of lawyers and politicians who are “on the take” from big business. We get to chose from those the “system” endorses. Guys that will play the game and conserve the money train.  Most of them are part of the same family of greedy, power hungry, self-serving “good old boys” we refer to as politicians, while those who refuse to be bought and that have good and decent morals stay away from the inequity and tyranny they see before them in government.

Money buys what your eyes see and your ears hear. Its buys what you see on television, what you hear on the radio, it buys the lies you hear on the Internet and it buys endorsements from the media, business and entertainment sectors. Money buys the news that is presented to you in the media.  Money buys access to or mind and opinions. Garbage in, garbage out.  Money buys political power, your opinion and elections. And who has this kind of money to buy our lives? It is a small group of people they call as the “top one percent” of us.

Free speech is a right reserved and meant for the citizens, not legal entities or organizations. Money buys just the opposite of “free speech” for it drowns out the truth, it overcomes your senses and it perverts justice and the principles of the Constitution so a few at the top stay that way; rich and above the law. There are many plain folks, commoners who are much more suitable to lead the country as described by the founding documents and principles. But you nor I will ever see or hear of them because they do not have the power or money to be heard. No corporation or rich individual will support ethical or moral people since they refuse to play in a rigged system of liars and traitors.

One of the worst things our corrupt government has ever done to the detriment of its own citizens was to allow money to rule the nation rather than the morals and principles that our founding fathers sought to establish in our founding documents and laws. Equating legal entities such as corporations to humans is the worst law or legal concept ever enacted or approved by our congressional and judicial branches. This is where our government legitimized wholesale prostitution among our public officials. This change in our legal system is a detriment to citizens and gives power over our elections and the law itself.

The Supreme Court, has broken its oath of, “justice without respect to persons” and, “do equal right to the poor” and to “impartially” discharge their duties. Instead they have rejected the people that they are sworn to protect and serve and have given power and preference to non-persons, specifically corporations.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The constitution… is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the Judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please.” And this is exactly what has happened, instead of  laws that support the people, we get laws that support the rich and the large corporations and a hollow constitution without power to protect and support the populace.

In addition, wars are not fought on principles found in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, nor are they fought “in self defense”. Korean, did not attack us, nor did Vietnam or Iraq. Wars are fought because greedy lending institutions and lenders want to make money from the loans they make to our government for the purchase of tanks and other military equipment. And large corporations bribe our politicians to go to war because they they make huge profits from the sales of guns, uniforms, planes and tanks they sell to our government. War stimulates the economy for a selects group of corporations. Wars give our government more status, control, power and influence when dealing with other countries. Wars are just a path to make the wealthy richer, there is nothing moral, ethical or” just” in killing people. It is what Dwight Eisenhower warned us about, the Military Industrial Complex. Hence the triad of power  in our country; bad government, an evil corporate- industrial complex and the military. Notice what is missing, the people! This is our own domestic enemy, it is our internal “Axis if Evil”. The power to change the nation to represent the citizens has been usurped. “We the people” no longer can control or influence the direction the nation is headed.

If you do not know where it is headed, just recite the promises and principles described the the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and whatever they are, we are headed in the opposite direction. We are headed towards injustice, welfare for the wealthy, unequal protection under the law, servitude, debt, less personal rights and freedom, a lack of safety, no say in government, no say in our courts of law and very little life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We will be to busy just trying to stay alive, let alone find cause for joy or the blessings of liberty which our forefathers fought for. Can anyone claim we have “liberty”? The only choices we have is the items we consume. We are a nation of consumers and laborers kept in servitude by our government and corporate masters.

If you have any love of this country, if you have a single patriotic bone in your body, if you love our flag and what it stands for, why in the hell are you not demanding a government that follows the Constitution? Here is something to think about. The average American household is in debt for its own purchases such as a house, car, food and credit cards etc. We, as citizens, owe (on the average) about $116,057.00 per household. Of course, it is insane to go into debt this much, but that is what we are forced to do in order to pay for a car and a house plus all the interest and taxes. That’s because wages have gone down as corporate profits go up!

In addition to this, those that are supposed to be making decisions for our own good or benefit in Washington  have overspent our tax money on wars, defense projects we do not need, bridges to nowhere and their own fat salaries and health care so we the people  owe the government even more money. How much? Every household in America owes the Federal debt (overspending by) $561,254.00! Imagine that, we as taxpayers owe the government five times what we owe  ourselves. And the debt is growing. Now how could this happen? Why would our elected officials put Americans in so much debt? The reason is politicians are pawns (whores is a better description) of corporations who pass laws that benefit corporations and the rich. Just follow the money trail and it is plain as day. That is the answer, and sadly we still elect them due to their crafty rhetoric and promises of a better future. Unfortunately, it is only a better future for themselves and their pimps who sit at top of the food chain. But what do they care, they have their share of the pie while those they are supposed to help, suffer.

To demonstrate this further just look at what we spend taxpayer money on. After Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy the government (FEMA and the SBA) and big business (insurance companies) denied help and denied claims. Yet the government had plenty of money to fund overseas wars such as Iraq and Afghanistan. And when people filed claims to insurance companies they were denied or given a small percentage of what their policies were supposed to cover. Yet that same year insurance companies made record profits and fat bonuses to corporate executives!

And since our “well regulated militia” is an extension of the government just like the Army or Navy, we are at the mercy of our corporate and political masters and with little power to resist their tyranny. The Constitution says Congress has the power “To provide the calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”. Congress has never called out the militia to execute the Laws of the Union, that’s obvious or we would have a more perfect union, justice, equality and the blessings of liberty. The militia or National Guard has not been called out to defend our Constitutional rights, it is called out to stop them. In fact, the government has used them to suppress our rights of free speech many times. For example, they killed innocent kids at Kent State and beat political protesters in Seattle. There is no time they were called out to enforce our  Constitutional rights or the freedom of the people. The citizens are not in control of the militia! Government officials and politicians control them just like everything else.

The founding fathers knew this might happen and has warned us of its danger. Daniel Webster wrote, “..I am committed against any attempt to rule the free people of this country by the power and patronage (backing) of the Government itself..” What Daniel Webster feared has come true.  Our government uses it own will and power and fear and lies to mislead the American public into any thing that protects their own place of power and privilege. They protect their source of personal wealth and there is a huge swinging door between big business and our so called “public servants”. Large corporations are eager to hire ex-politicians because they are embedded within the system and can manipulate it to its own benefit.  This relationship between business and government is designed to protect each other from the media and the public. The media knows but has no power to make change since news organization are owned by large corporations who have investors and big name board members related to the controling elite. These very businesses keep those that pass laws in their favor in office. If this is not true, why do we now know, that most of our recent wars were not to protect or defend Americans, but make profits for the wealthy?

Our government brought war and death to the countries of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Cambodia, all of which were countries that did not attacked us. Government induced fear and government invented lies like “weapons of mass destruction” or (we must stop Communism and the Gulf of Tonkin affair) are fed to the media and a show is put on how dangerous they are to us. However, we are attacking other countries for devious reasons at best. Like a ships captain, our politicians should be getting us out of the storms of war instead of getting us into them. Yet thousands of men and women die each year to “defend our country”. Yet who attacked us? No one! War is a tool for business to make money and governments to gain control, period.

Senator Malcolm Wallop said, “Government which does not and did not grant us our rights (to our Constitutional promises and the truth), must not now seek to deny them by using fear as its justification”. I never heard of citizens marching in the streets to go to war and demanding death to Iraqis or Vietnamese. it was the government who led us  into wars, not the people. It was always our elected officials who made war an acceptable and   or duty so the military industrial complex could rob taxpayer money.

Evidently, Daniel Webster had concerns that the government might take over the control of the people and make them servants or “subjects”, when in fact the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution wanted a free society and a government run by and for a free people. He said, “There is no nation on earth powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow. Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence… I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing.” Rome and other great empires did not fall from forces outside their boundaries. The destruction came within from their own governments undoing.

We as a society have indeed given little concern for our governments lies and traitorous activities. We as a people have neglected our duty to scrutinize our representatives.  We have trusted them far too long to do the right thing.

Think about what guy de Maupassant said, “ Every government has as much of a duty to avoid war as a ships captain has to avoid a shipwreck”. But our government does not even try to avoid war, they seek it. Look at Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afganistan and other invasions and wars. They seek it because the government wants wars so the big corporations can make more money selling tanks, planes and bombs. They want wars because it stimulates the economy. They want wars to increase their own power. They want war instead of peace because of the money that is slid into their pockets in the dim of night.

As you know, we do not have a free and just society now, instead we are legally ruled by an oppressive government system called “Corporatism” or the Almighty Dollar, even our elections are rigged. We must get rid of the electoral system and have a “popular voting system. The only reason we did not have a popular voting system was in the beginning elections results would have taken months because the only means of tallying the votes were by horse back. With modern computers and the Internet, we can easily all vote for the person who be feel is best suited for our own safety and happiness.

Samuel Adams was also concerned about our government and said, “…if we are universally vicious and debauched (as our congress is now) in our manners, though the form of our Constitution carries the face of the most exalted freedom, we shall in reality be the most abject slaves”. Slaves because instead of equality between Americans we have a government supported class system that favors the rich at the expense of the general public.

Our internal “axis of evil” has contrived and controls a huge ponzi scheme from the Federal Reserve to the military, to Wall Street to the whole banking system and well established old money families.  They all get a large piece of the American dream while the average family drifts into poverty. Corporations nor our existing politicians are notmost likely to effect our safety and happiness as described in the Declaration Of Independence nor do they give us the things in the Constitution to, establish a more perfect Union…. promote the general welfare, and secure equality and the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Instead they take them away!  Do not let the politicians and the corporate world continue to make your children their slaves or subjects to the almighty dollar!

We the people suffered through the Revolutionary War to end this type of treatment, it should have been stopped long ago! I am not saying we should have a new Constitutional Amendment to abolish all corporations. I am saying corporations should not be able to buy our congressmen, nor make laws to benefit themselves using our judicial system, nor should they have any influence over who is in office. Our government was meant to serve the people, not chase the dollar.

George Bernard Shaw said “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul”. In other words, corporations rob people (Peter) and the government (Paul) supports the robbers. Why? Because politicians are always paid well by the robbers. A thief, who pays well, can easily get away with his crimes.

A recent news report stated that most politicians spend one third to one half of their working time in office soliciting money for their own elections rather than governing and serving the people who voted for them. In other words, instead of helping promote freedom, equality and  welfare of the country, they, while being paid tax payers money, spend much of their time and talent enriching themselves from large corporations and lobbyists. Imagine that, getting paid to make yourself wealthy! How immoral can out government get! We need true representation, true statesmen and true public servants, not politicians who have prostituted themselves for their own enrichment and that of business executives, wealthy investors and wall street bankers.

We must tell our “so called representatives” in Washington to protect us against themselves and if they do not, we need a national referendum to boot all of the traitors out of office. Yes, I am saying most of our Congressmen are corrupt, wasteful and worst of all, traitors. They swore an oath to establish equality and justice and protect and serve “we the people” by way of the principles set forth in our Constitution and their own oath of office, and for the past 40 years or so, they have done just the opposite. Lewis Powell in 1971,was one of the first to prostitute himself to the corporate ownership of the United States as he changed our laws to shape “social, economic and political change” to the advantage of corporations. Ever since then, corporations were allowed to buy public opinion, as well as all three branches of government, thus enslaving a nation to serve those at the top of  industry, large banking institutions and the corporate world.

The wealthy are not job creators, they are speculators and profiteers who invest excess money into corporations and Wall Street for the sole purpose of making even more money at any expense and without regard to the environment or the citizens of this country. The wealthy invest money into anything that creates more money for themselves at the expense of everything else including  jobs, equality and justice. Why do you think our jobs went overseas? It was so they would make more money! Those working overseas make just a dollar or two a day, businesses like Nike, Gap and Old Navy make millions in profit per years and their executives make several million a year. And you, an American, are out of a job while poorly paid foreign workers produce products and millions of dollars for undeserving millionaires.  If this so called “trickle down economy” really worked, wouldn’t the citizens of this county be seeing a portion of it in our paychecks or retirement funds? Instead we are laid off while those overseas are forced  into poverty while working long  hours and living in squalor.

How does one create jobs, justice, equality and the general welfare of the country? Is it  by investing in derivatives, real estate bubbles or gold futures or sending  jobs overseas? Or is it investing in factories, infrastructure,  research and education at home? Is it allowing those at the top to get richer or is it by spreading the wealth to the workers so they can buy homes, cars and other products that  would prosper everyone? Noam Chomsky and Thom Hartman and other economic experts suggest that the pay at the top must decrease and the pay at the workers level must increase in order for our county to succeed and prosper. Otherwise, our country will fall even deeper into debt and eventually fail as many nations have for centuries.

Our government supports about 300 golf courses for the military and other officials, but cuts money for the poor and the sick including food and healthcare. Is this the government that serves and protects its citizens? Of course not. Is this a government to and for the people? Of course not. It is a government who protects the rich and protects its own power and control.

Why do you think the rich pay less in proportion in taxes do than their workers? It is because  they bribed politicians to pass laws to safe guard their wealth. Corporations do not create jobs, security, equality, justice or the general welfare of the people; they exist to make money for the board members, officers and investors at the top of the food chain! People or workers (subjects) are just another part of “overhead” and come and go at the whim of the speculators and profiteers. If the corporate elites can make more money by lowering your wages, taking away your benefits or firing you they will and by doing so are rewarded with stock options and bigger bonuses.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power, in time, and by slow operations, perverted in to tyranny”. This statement was true a few hundred years ago, and obviously it is true today, we have a corrupt government directed by the top 1% of our society to benefit the rich and enslave the populace.

You are a subject or slave to the new “crown”, the new boss, called the “corporation”. Did you know that you have the moral obligation to change the aforementioned “tyranny”? According to Thomas Jefferson, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”. When you do not voice your opinion and stand up for the rights our forefathers died for, you are allowing evil to exist in our government and thus continue this obvious and pathetic injustice. Because we do not act, tyranny will only get stronger while the rights of the people are striped away, thus insuring future generations will suffer even more.

Did you know that you have the right to change things according to the Constitution? The First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law.. abridging the right of the peopleto petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” You have the constitutional authority to make your politicians represent your safety and happiness and bring about your security, welfare and equality that you are supposedly endowed with by our founding documents. This word “abridging” means the government cannot (by law) diminish or reduce your right to petition our government for the freedoms we have fought for. This is your rightful inheritance as an American. Do not ignore it, instead, exercise it!

I have heard that there is support to keep this sick system because these Constitutional issues are just a matter of ” interpretation”. There is only one way to interpret the Constitution. Just chose the meaning which supports the concepts of its founding principles of justice, equality, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings if liberty to the people to whom it was intended.

Of course, our government has made it as difficult as possible for you and I to petition our government for a redress of grievances. No matter how just your stance is or how foul the government has been, redressing grievances is an expensive, difficult and long process. This should not be so, in issues of justice and fairness, solutions and changes should be swift and not burdened by excessive paperwork and bureaucracy nor should good government cost additional money. But, this is not the case is it? Our government knows it has been corrupted and has make immoral laws that hurt the common person,  instead of making in easy for you and I to change the laws, it has make it very difficult and burdensome and filled with red tape and long waits and very expensive lawsuits. Why on earth would our own government resist doing what is best for its own people?

So what petition have you signed? What do you stand for? It is one of two things, either the greed and degradation of our civil liberties brought about by the corporate world, or standing up and fighting for your constitutional rights of liberty, equality and freedom to and for the people. Although we have the right to petition our government for our personal freedom, justice and liberty, it does not mean they will listen or act upon our grievances. They have so much power and wealth and have insulated themselves from the people so much that they can easily ignore the needs and rights of the citizens they are supposed to defend. The fact is, if you were allowed to be in the presence of one of these political traitors you might have a few minutes to air your grievances or concerns regarding this countries injustice system. Then you will be escorted out and nothing will be done. Why? Because you did not pay them or donate a sizable amount of money to their re-election campaign. Our politicians are ingrained into the system, they smile to your face, but they will not stand up and defend you or the Constitution or its principles. If they did they would lose millions of dollars and be kicked out by those who have given them money! The “system” protects itself and does not want to endanger the “gravy train” it has created for itself.

You only have the power to be heard if you join with millions of other Americans who cry out for their freedom and rights promised us by our Constitution. Committed and working together we may stand a chance of being heard, divided we fall and become enslaved by our own government. This country was created to rid ourselves of tyranny and yet tyranny has raised its ugly head and reappeared in the form of our currant economy. We are in debt as a society to our government and to the private corporations which our government sponsored and now serves. Who created our national debt? The people did not vote for or call for it, our government imposed it upon us due to their own greed!

The more social unrest we have, the more acts of violence, the more we protest or react to our governments oppression, social injustice, inequality and corporate interests, the more they justify spy cameras, listening in on phone conversations and reading our emails. It is in the interest of an authoritarian government to have resistance and chaos so they can thus “overreact” and justify their draconian control measures all in the name of national interests or security. If the government stopped spending money on bombs, cameras, battle ships, new spy satellites and drones, hit teams, etc and spent that money on social justice, education, science research, equality, prison reform etc, the less violence and social unrest would occur. However, it is not in the best interest of those in power to make these changes, it is in their interest and agenda to have the knowledge and power to snuff out resistance… the status quo is only going to get stronger, while the people suffer under its thumb.

It is much better for the system to put you in prison than to enforce your constitutional rights. Enforcing Constitutional rights would cost the rich a lot of money. Putting you in prison is much easier and cheaper. In fact, we put in prison more people than China, Russia, India and the whole of both South America and Africa. There is a reason for it called the “prison industry”. It is a money making enterprise for both state and private prisons  since the Federal government subsidizes each prisoner. Putting a person in prison is cheaper than giving you the mental health care that is free in other countries. putting you in prison is cheaper than giving you a job to rebuild the nations infrastructure. Putting you in prison or killing you is cheaper and easier than facing challenges to the governments lies and authority like what has happened to good servants like Susan Lindauer an agent for the CIA.

Thomas Jefferson did not trust those in power back then anymore than we can trust our politicians today. The Constitution was created to be a guiding principle that bound our leaders to moral and ethical leadership. He said, “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution”. We must continue to change (amend) our Constitution to protect ourselves from the mischief of men in power and wealth, for they mean to wield the power they have and to rule over us and take from us our constitutional heritage.

So, follow the advice of those who wrote the Constitution and demand political reform and constitutional protection. Most politicians not only lied to the public, but to God. Remember the words, “So help me God” when they took the oath of office? They no more represent the people of this nation than the KGB! If you are a politician who swore to defend the principles of the Constitution and did not do so, you are a traitor to the nation and a liar to God and a shame to any faith you claim. Remember why we have a Constitution and a government, “governments are instituted among men” (not corporations or legal entities) and to secure these rights of safety, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Our government exists to make all of us secure and happy! So remember, it is your rights that have been taken away, do not continue to lose them! Stand up for your rights, voice your concern! If you do not stand up and fight for the basic rights and privileges listed in the Constitution, then the forces of government and business will continue to erode them.

Why pretend we have Constitutional rights and privileges when in fact we do not? At least be honest, if we want to live under a Fascist or oppressive government, just admit to it and be honest about it, ignore the situation so we will continue to become more subservient to our government and its sponsors, the military industrial complex.

We must get rid of the Federal Reserve and put in its place an organization that benefits “we the people” instead of the rich, the banks and corporations. Why on earth is our nations money making and interest rates dictated by a private organization? We must also cut our military in half. We spend more than any other country (or several countries combined) on “defense”. We do not need to defend ourselves from the outside, we need to defend ourselves from traitors and debt makers inside our country. Look to history, look how Rome fell and every other great empire, it is from within that leads to destruction, not from without.

Do not let the fear mongers control your common sense and the facts of history and current events. More importantly, we need to change, by passing laws, the entities we call “corporations”. We have to construct them to be democratic. We have get rid of the Board of Directors and executives who make much more than the workers. That’s where the profits go, to the top 1% rather than the people who make the products and provide the services. In other words, give each worker a fair share and a voice in the company. Decisions should not be made by traitors, they should be made by workers, public servants and the people who know the company or problem the best,”we the people”.

It is time every patriot joined with groups like Occupy or MoveToAmend, etc who are concerned people who want to restore our rights and privileges as Americans. Please demand that our government adhere to the principles of both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, especially the principles of “the general welfare, justice for all, equality and security”. Supporting, defending and adhering to the principles set forth in the Constitution is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it is an American issue. Only concerned citizens and true patriots will want to change the Constitution in order to help “we the people” reestablish our rights our forefathers fought and died for.

The only ones who will oppose it are the deceived, the traitors, the corporate executives and the wealthy political prostitutes who have corrupted the system and/or taken bribes. Do not stand with the criminals, traitors and prostitutes of this nation, uphold your oath, do not remain silent. Call, email and write your elected officials and demand that they stop selling themselves to corporate greed and instead serve and protect the people of this nation. If you are an elected official, become a virtuous and ethical statesmen, be an advocate for the people, rather than a politician taking advantage of our corrupt system. Uphold the principles of the Constitution!

Verify everything in this essay and act accordingly. Remember, according to Constitutional principles, “this land was made for you and me”, not the military, not the government and not corporations. Hold politicians accountable, take away their pay if they do a bad job. Boycott corporations that bribe your government officials. Demand a national referendum to limit government and corporate pay, if they don’t like it, let them go rape some other country. Join a local group like the “Occupy” movement, sign up at “Move To Amend” or create your own group and demand to be heard. No matter what party you affiliate with, make sure they support “we the people” rather than the corporate elite. Educate yourself so you are not influenced by political rhetoric. Study ethics, history and economics.  You nor I were created or exist to serve the government. Our forefathers created a government to protect people, promote their welfare and to give themselves and their children the blessings of liberty and justice.

You nor I were created or exist to be a servant for corporations or the rich, instead, they should exist to benefit the citizens of our country since it is the peoples work and innovation that made their company grow and prosper. It is not the people who owe a debt, but is our government and the large corporations that owe the people. It is the people who allow them to even exist! Yet the government and corporate world, working together, has usurped our God given “unalienable rights” from us! We no longer have control of our selves and our future. It is all in the hands of others who mean us harm, to tax us, to profit from us, to cause us to be in debt for bills we did not purchase.

American author and writer, Edward Abbey said, “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”. Are you on the side of the patriots or are you one of the traitors who support corporate rule and government corruption?

I asked a person I met about some of these things and he showed no concern and said he supported the government and we live in the greatest country on earth. I thought back to my history lessons. In the late 1700’s there were brave and heroic men who resisted the British cruelties, but there were also turncoats like Benedict Arnold who remained loyal to the crown. Today is no different. There are those who support life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and agree that all men are created equal and then there are those who want to conserve the increasing authority and control of the government. Well, I for one defend the rights of the people over the government, I support the precepts written in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution rather than big business.  I am a patriot and love this country very much and I do not like the path our leaders have taken.

If you are a patriot that defends the Constitution and the people, then  join with others who want to retain their freedom and Constitutional rights. The flag to which we pledge allegiance, means nothing if we do not have the freedoms and rights for which it stands. Join with others who demand Constitutional reform and protection. If you work for or belong to a social network, news media or the government, ask why they are not behind the Constitution and demanding reform. Make it clear that you do not want to be a subject of the government (or big business interests) and make sure that the government exists to “effect” your safety and happiness and not that of the corporate elite. Don’t be traitor,  hypocrite or liar, stand by your pledge for justice and liberty for all.